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My grandfather, James T. Hepburn, gets credit for my interest in this time consuming hobby. He was a draughtsman in the early part of his career and it was his drawing skill that he used in later years to maintain a number of large family trees. These charts always fascinated me when I was younger and I found that I wanted to know more about these people.

Around 2001, I tried a genealogical program that a co-worker loaned me. This worked to a degree as I was able to build a database from grandfather's trees that allowed me create trees and reports but I wasn't adding anything new. At Christmas 2003 a cousin sent us a typed copy of grandfather's autobiography. That story was full of research hints and the rest is history. With a few successes to encourage me, I gradually learned how to do research on and off-line and to document the lives of my ancestors.

Some of the results of my work may be found by clicking on the hotlinks to the left. I say 'some' because it is not possible to present all of the data available on a web site. I have amassed a lot of family data on recent generations that is not suitable for a public web page. I also have a family tree on that has over 15 thousand names and a great deal of statistical information. This site intended to be a tool for finding other people that are in or link to my tree, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions about family connections.

Family members are invited to contact me to get details on how to access the private side of the website which contains information on the whole family.

Please let me know if you find any broken links or have any browser problems.

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